We’re seeking a Production Assistant!

Job Description

Balloon Production Assistant for hire immediately

Be a part of a creative company that makes crafty balloon displays for parties & events.
15-25hrs/week; includes most Saturdays, occasional Sundays.
Must accommodate flexible work schedule; hours/days worked are determined by the workload, which changes according to each balloon job.

Your Job

• Packing jobs: counting out balloons, cutting ribbon, making weights
• Inflating + tying balloons
• Assembling columns, arches, sculptures, centerpieces, etc.
• Deliveries and onsite installation of jobs
• Loading/unloading helium tanks + equipment
• Keeping production work area tidy and organized
• Projects -organizing, cleaning, errands and tasks
• Answering phone calls as needed

Your Skills

• Ability to count, do basic math.
• Nimble fingers; ability to tie balloons, ribbons, fine details of production.
• Ability to lift, hoist and move ladders, helium tanks + equipment safely.
• Stamina to work occasional long hours; standing, walking, loading/unloading
• Punctual & Reliable; able to accommodate a fluid work schedule specific to the job
• Self-motivated; anticipation for upcoming tasks
• Clear communication skills
• Organized and Detail oriented

Appealing Characteristics (not limited to, but may include in you):

• Experience with balloons and/or event production
• Enjoys creativity
• Friendly, positive; pleasant to be around
• Non-smoker, fragrance free
• Ok with Dogs
• General desire to be a part of something that makes people happy–balloons!

Email: contact@balloonmanonline.com