Q. How can I hire your services?

A. Call Us 925-934-3186 or Contact Us via email. Weekends are our busiest time and if we have not replied to you, we will be back in touch by Monday.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. We do not maintain conventional retail hours. Our schedule is based on the demands of our clients and changes week by week. Please CALL FIRST to find out our availability or to make an appointment to meet with us in person. 

Q. Do you have a store I can go to in person? 

A. We are not a retail store but a production studio where we offer scheduled pick-ups and consultations by appointment. We are located in Walnut Creek. Please schedule your visit ahead.

Q. How much are your balloons?

A. Prices vary based on design. Find our Balloon Menu for generic prices or Get a Quote to start the conversation.  If you have a specific design you would like a quote for please Contact Us.

Q. How far in advance should I place my order?

A. We prefer 1-2 weeks notice but recommend placing your order 2-4 weeks in advance for most important dates and for busy seasons, (May-June | Oct-Dec.) Next day & same day deliveries are limited to availability & creativity. The more allotted time you give us, the more attention we can give you.

Q. I’ve never ordered balloons before! How does this work?

A. We are happy to introduce you to the joy of ordering balloons!

  • Email or call us to check our availability.
  • A deposit is required to reserve your event on our calendar.
  • Know what you want? Give us a call or email us with your request. We can begin a consultation.
  • If you don’t know what you want, we recommend looking at our work on our website, Instagram or Facebook to get some ideas.
  • Consultations are available via telephone, Zoom, email or can be scheduled to meet in person at our showroom.
  • Special designs, bespoke sculptures or anything customized is our specialty but may be limited.
  • After your consultation, we will provide you with an estimate.
  • Confirm the order with a Deposit (required to reserve the date). Final payment is due 7 days prior to your event.
  • Following the event; all pick-ups, rentals and/or hardware is returned to us.

Q. I have a picture of what I want and I am curious how much it will cost?

A. Please contact us to discuss the design you are interested in and we can give you an estimate.

Q. Can you send me a bunch of ideas and prices?

A. Composing ideas and pricing is very time consuming and we don’t offer this resource without a consultation first and/or a deposit.  If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, the internet is full of great ideas. You are welcome to send us pictures to get ballpark pricing or check out our balloon menu for our generic prices.

Q. How much is a deposit and what does it do?

A. $50 Deposit will “Save the Date” and applies to your final balance. Higher deposit may be required for special orders and/or larger installations. The deposit is non-refundable (with some exceptions).

Q. Do you Deliver balloons?

A. Yes, we offer local deliveries and deliver to the greater Bay Area. All deliveries require a minimum order. Delivery fee based on location, time & date. Call us to check our availability.

Q. What is the Delivery fee?

A. Delivery fee is based on the date of the event, location & time. The delivery fee may increase for large installations, multiple deliveries, limited time for set up, early morning and/or late night deliveries.

Q. What is your Minimum Order?

A. Our minimum order is for deliveries only. There is no minimum order for pick-ups (Limited to weekdays + some Saturdays) 

  • Minimum order for Local Deliveries: Weekdays 10AM-6PM $75.00 | Weekday After Hours $125 | Saturday $150 | Sunday $300
  • Minimum order for Greater Bay Area Deliveries: Weekdays $300.00 | Saturday + Sunday Orders $500
  • Delivery Fee + Taxes are not included in minimum order
  • Some exceptions made for minimum orders; call us to inquire

Q. What is considered Local vs. Greater Bay Area?

A. Local: Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Martinez, Alamo, Danville, Diablo, San Ramon, Dublin, Oakland, Berkeley + Alameda

Greater Bay Area: Any city in the Bay Area not listed above.

Q. Why have the balloons delivered instead of pick up?

A. Balloons get tangled very easily and can sometimes pop in transportation. Our delivery service includes us arriving on schedule with your balloons looking fresh. We will replace any casualties and place the balloons where they need to go. Contactless deliveries are an option.

Q. What if I want to Pick up balloons?

A. Pick up’s are pre-ordered and scheduled in advance. Limited availability for Saturday Pick-Ups | We do not offer Sunday Pick-Ups (some exceptions may apply). Call or Email to schedule a Pick Up. We operate non conventional hours and are not a retail shop..

Q. I have my own Balloons; can you inflate them for me?

A.If the balloons you have are good quality then, yes we can inflate them for you. We would need to know the size and brand and how you wanted to use the balloons before providing an estimate.

Q. How long will the balloons last for?

A. Helium filled balloons have a limited lifespan but can be special treated to prolong their float time. Balloons placed indoors will last much longer than when placed outdoors.

  • 11” latex balloons float 16-24 hours | 3+ Days with Hi-Float
  • 16” latex balloons float 30+ hours | + 7 days with Hi-Float
  • 36” latex balloons float 72+ hours | + 15 days with Hi-Float
  • Mylar balloons float for 5-7 days up to a year 
  • Air Filled balloons don’t float but can stay inflated for up to 30+ days when kept inside in a controlled environment.
  • The longevity of balloons placed outside is not guaranteed due to the outdoor elements. Outdoor helium balloons can last 2-10 hours or maybe longer. Air filled balloons placed outside can last for a few hours up to 2+ days depending on the elements.

Q. What do we do with the balloons afterwards?

A. Unless a pick-up has been arranged with us, the balloons are yours to keep or give away after the event. Please Do not release balloons into the environment. This is considered polluting and can be a hazard to wildlife. If its time to dispose the balloons, it is best to pop them first and place them properly in a contained trash.   

Q. Are the balloons biodegradable or can they be recycled?

A. Latex Balloons are made from natural latex and are biodegradable over time. Mylar balloons are not biodegradable but can be refilled, reused and repurposed.

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